Why are there so few questions?
Because I don't know what will be frequently asked yet.

How do I upload images?
Several Ways:
1. Click upload on the left menu bar.
2. Press U on any screen after logging in.
3. Click, or drag an image to the "QuickUp" bar found on most pages.

Which image types are acceptable?

What content is forbidden?
We simply ask that you respect your local laws.
Even if your local laws vary, any pornographic material of any persons under the age of 18 will be removed.
If we are asked to remove any copyrighted images by the copyright owner, we will do so.

Why register?
Anonymous uploads are limited to 2mb each. Registered are 5mb. In addition, you'll be given various options to manage and sort your images.

How do I report an image?
Please email potato at firegoon dot com.

I found a bug, where should I report it?
First check the homepage to ensure it's not already listed. If not, please email potato at firegoon dot com. Please provide details of the browser you are using and as much information regarding the bug and what you were doing when it occured.

Is this site actively maintained?
Not for a long while. Sorry.